Monday, October 6, 2008

Lazy Rainy Monday Kind of

I only say this because normally I am always out and about doing something....but today I have just been at home 'dissertating' as a good friend put it (meaning working on my dissertation). And the whole time I have been at home until now has just been sunny, but as usual as it gets close to when I will be leaving, it starts to pour. Hopefully it will stop soon.

The Hari Raya celebration at my friends house that is technically in Malaysia was nice. A good introduction to "truly Singaporeaness" as her family really is a mix of all the ethnicities and cultures found in the region. I also had quite an adventure crossing the border as the public transportation doesn't wait for people to come out of it was a really long time to not go very far.

Tonight I will be attending a special dinner with the District Govenor of Rotary for my current district at a very nice historical restaurant for Malay culture. I'm excited about this even though I was already told that there won't be any vegetarian food. At least this way they told me and I can either eat before hand or plan on being content eatinr rice and soysauce and dessert. =)

I am still waiting for the new renter to materialize so that I can get my deposit back....hopefully all that works out.

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