Friday, October 3, 2008

Why is it that all nights seem to end after 3AM?

So last night I went to a Rotary Sponsored event...I'm thinking no problem I'll be home early...but guess what. No! I was not. Yet again, I managed to stay out until 3AM and we weren't even doing anything in particular....just catching that famous Singaporean 4th meal, supper! I am continually astounded how Singaporeans can be so fit and yet eat so much! I kid you is quite rare to see an overweight Singaporean. =)

I myself just have to remember that 4th meal can not be a daily thing in my life...the plan is to loose 20lbs not gain. Ha ha.

Other news, today I am going to a Hari Raya Party which I'm quite excited about....I still have to buy the hosts a gift on the way to meet everyone. It is technically in Malaysia...but just at the border of Singapore. That means another stamp in my passport...but I hope that I have enough pages left for all my traveling!

And finally, I got things set up for my talks through Rotary! Thank goodness...I was getting really worried. And now I am also trying to get things set for Rotary visits in other countries that I plan on visiting.

=) M

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