Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singapore F1, Vegetarian Day, and it really is cheaper to eat out.

This past weekend was the worlds first night race held in Formula 1 racing history, and it was in Singapore! The whole city was in a frenzy, mad with excitement, and even if you don't like cars, this event made you want to love them.

I have a new love for fast cars. It was awesome! Though I didn't fork over the thousands of dollars for tickets as some did, I did manage to steal a glimpse of the cars zooming through the tracks both at the practice rounds and at the real race. Seriously...feeling the vibrations and hearing the sounds from the cars is amazing. If I happen to find some reason to be in Singapore next year at this time, I would love to actually purchase tickets. My whole weekend was basically taken over with F1 stuff...but I also managed to squeeze in another trip to the Ramadan market and to MacRitchie Reservoir where I went for a 10K walk/hike on Saturday morning. It was a lot of hard work in the hot sun, but a very worth workout as well.

I think I may have gone down a pant size from all the sweating. =) This is very exciting. Hopefully the trend will continue.

Also, I bit of fun trivia, yesterday September 29th was Vegetarian day! Yea for vegetarians...but in a world where most people usually are not vegheads, it made for really long lines at the vegetarian stalls because everyone wanted to be a vegetarian that day.

Finally, today I bought supplies to make my own dinner and eat at home in an effort to save money...what ends up happening? I spend 22 dollars on supplies for one meal. For that money, I could have gone to a fairly nice restaurant, or had like 10 food court meals. Now at least I have tired...next time its eating out for me. ; )

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