Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shoes, Weather, and Sweet Corn

A collection of Random thoughts....

Shoes: No matter how comfortable you thought your shoes from home are, they are not quite as comfortable once you get here. The amount of walking that is done makes just about any shoe pretty uncomfortable after about 14 hours of wearing them...which is what I do when I set out from my house (I need the perfect outfit and shoes that will take me the whole day through school/meetings/drinks engagements/bars etc). However, the most perfect pair of shoes is the flip flop! Yet even within the flip flop genre, there are varying levels of comforts and practicality. The most perfect one thus far: A squishy sole that cradles tired feet, at least a half inch of the squishyness so if you have to walk in puddles you don' t get wet, and a heavy rubber lining on the bottem so that you don't hydroplane through these puddles. Tracktion is key. Also popular here is having your nice shoes to change into before you enter an event and then bringing your flip flops for when you are walking.

Weather: The importance of the perfect pair of flip flops is also noted when the weather like today goes from being a beautiful bright sunny day to a torential downpour. When I left home this morning it was clear warm and sunny...then by the time I got out of the computer lab, it was pouring. Thank goodness I had my Singapore Flip Flops as I like to call them....not my little beach slippers that could could cause massive accidents. =) This drastic change in weather can also ruin shoes if you are not careful.

Sweet Corn: Eating warm fresh sweet corn kernals is a popular snack in Singapore. Monday night I was walking around town in the evening around the Esplanade, and I didn't really have much of an appetite although I knew I should eat. So, I decided I'll be 'healthy' and just have a cup of corn. Little did I know that my corn cup would come slathered in butter and salt, so while I had made an attempt to be healthy, my efforts were to no avail. But it sure was tasty! Hmmm...do I sense a bad habit coming on? Luckily there is no corn vender near my house.

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