Monday, September 15, 2008

A day of Housework

So I finally came back to my apartment after what seemed like forever, but it was only one was great to laze around in front of the TV and paint my nails etc.

I feel like my 'life of leisure' is slowly coming to an end as I have so many commitments here now. It is crazy how quickly you can loose all your I'm always just running from one place to another.

I have started working more closely with UNIFEM and a have a million things to do to keep on track both for my dissertation and the projects I have picked up through UNIFEM and my community service for Rotary.

I even have to plan in when I can do my laundry...because if I don't come home, I can't do laundry and some day's I am barely home long enough to shower.

Speaking of which yesterday as I was meeting a friend of mine on the MRT platform to trade keys, a old man walked by us and started speaking loudly to us and making odd gestures waving his hand in front of his nose as if we stunk. I friend and I looked at each other and then decided that was our cue to leave the very odd.

I am still sick...tomorrow I will spend the morning at the doctor's again before class. I am really sick of being ill.

Well...thats about it for now...should probably get things in order for the rest of the week.

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