Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More then a week of things to catch up on

So...it has been a rather crazy week...some of the highlights:

Thursday: Dinner with school friends at Paya Lebar Eid/Rammadan Festival Bazaar. It was really cool...but since I was not planning on going, I ended up being without my camera. Boo!!!! Maybe I'll make it back. It is your typical fair/bazaar/food setup, but it was just so much fun to be walking through...a baragge of colors, sounds, smells, and sight for all your senses! Reminded me of the many bazaars I have been in...kind of hard to remember that I was still in Singapore. I also got to try on a traditional Malay top that looked super pretty...but was also super expensive. I almost caved in and bought it becuase I've been invited to an Eid Party at my friends place, but then I decided not to...saving money is good.

Friday: Day: Volunteer with UNIFEM's school talks program at SMU for International Peace Day...a very moving event. Night: BBQ at friend's house at Bukit Batok. Even thought that is still just 3 MRT stops away, as usual I didn't make it home before the last MRT and the distance that those three MRT stops covers is so far that the cab was still friekishly expensive. Another reason why I have to move closer to the city...or at least southwards where Singapore city is closer then Malaysia.

Saturday: Morning-Rotary Club AMD Eye Disease Talk...I learned a lot about a subject I knew nothing about. Afternoon-Met up with friends from SEALNet Indonesia and went bowling at ECP. Evening-Dinner at Iguana watching the Riverside Festival...where all the bridges and boats near Clark Quay are lit up, followed by enjoying the general atmosphere of Clark Quay's bars and clubs...this time we hit up Attica, Le Noir, Fashion Bar. I realized once again that I am the 'wrong' kind of Asian, and believe it or not, too old. Ha ha. Apparently I am already passed my prime in this side of the world. =) Luckily my friend was gracious enough to let me crash at her place so I don't have to go all the way back to 'Malaysia' as I like to call where I live...especially because we were both working the same event for UNIFEM the next day which was right by her house.

Sunday: Morning-Quick breakfast then off to the Village to try and get my eyebrows and nails done. I must have gotten the worst manicure ever becuase it is now Wednesday and the polish is already flaking off. In huge chunks. So that blew my manicure budget and I can't get another one for like ever. At least my eyebrows were done well...becuase if that was messed up, that would be horrific. Afternoon-Start volunteering at International Peace Day celebration at Cassis Restaurant Rochester Park/Place. A very nice event...but we didn't really have dinner even though it was at a peak dining time, so then I was graciously invited to eat with some of the Schools for Life staff where I will hopefully be working later this year...followed by drinks at the Hyatt.

Monday: Volunteer at UNIFEM, finally get back to my apartment for a little R&R post a very busy weekend. I felt jetlagged without even having traveled.

Tuesday: Tried to be constructive but that didn't quite work out...spent a quite day windowshopping and having dinner with a friend and her family then watching Love is a Many Splendoured Thing. First time for me watching this...but a very good movie about a Eurasian (Half English Half Chinese) and the identity and racial struggles faced by this demographic during Hong Kong's British Colonial Rule. Although kinda depressing...I won't ruin the end for you, but it is not a happy one. A great way to end the night.

Wednesday: And that brings me to today which I hope will be a quite day at school...a little hanging out with the Team, and hopefully finding renters for my room.

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