Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A few of my favorite daily routine things

1. Having a Vegetable Pau (bun) and Milo for breakfast.
2. If you eat on campus, you can have a meal for as little as $1 US dollar. Which is how much a Masala Thosai set costs. (South Indian Malsal Dosa in the US) This is very useful when you are broke
3. Not cooking or anything becuase it really is cheaper to eat out at many places
4. All the neat ways they package drinks in a plastic bag to go instead of a cup or can. (Cups and cans are also available but cost more.)
5. Having everything so conveniently around MRT stations and being able to buy really good tasty food at the 7-11. While we may scoff at this idea in the states, the 7-11 is a neighborhood staple that everyone goes to.
6. Eating tropical fruits like Rambutan, Durian, Mangosteen, and the other spikey fruit that I always forget it's name...and back home we thought lychees were exotic. =)
7. Learning how to balance yourself on public transportation when there is nothing to hold on too and you are sandwiched like sardines.
8. The warm humid tropical climate...sometimes its hard to tell if it is wetter in the pool or outside. =)
9. Not blowdrying hair and hanging laundry out to dry without the dryer. There is nothing like crunchy undergarments to get you going in the morning. ; ) Well alledgedly we have a dryer but all it seems to do is warm up our clothes and not really dry them.
10. Being constantly sick....thats a joke...I do not enjoy being sick, but I've had a cold since Aug 8...I finally got antibiotics so hopefully I'll be better soon.

Other thoughts: It has been interesting being in a place where I could be considered local. There are certain things however that you miss out on when you do not look like a foreigner such as that extra bit of helpfulness when you are sitting there looking confused.

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