Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waking up to Thunder!

This morning instead of getting up with the gentle warmth of the sun, I was woken up by the harsh clashing of Thunder. Seriously, I thought it was so loud that something blew up. I think you can hear thunder a lot louder on the 16th floor. That's the thing about rain in Singapore never really continues for too long at a time. It was pouring sheets of rain when I woke up, but by the time I went down for breakfast, it was a mild drizzle, and then by the time I got to school it was dry!

Other then that, today I had a great day at school, then went to the city where I met up with friends for dinner and then came home and booked my first trip abroad. I will be going to Padang Indonesia in October for the weekend! It's only an hour it's kind of like flying to San Fransisco but being in another country. Another Rotary scholar and I are going to go and explore the neighboring towns of Bukkitingi and the Minankaboa culture. I'm really looking forward to that.

And the best part was, I was given a ride home! Dinner always ends up being later then the last MRT (metro) so it is very nice when someone shuttles me home. And saves a 30 Sing dollar cab ride. =)

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